Construction workers and contractors wearing protective face masks
It’s not exactly business as usual as construction sites start to fully open back up across the country. Without a vaccine or herd immunity, there’s still a risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus, so any business – including a construction site – that is reopening needs a plan for infection control. Use a multi-faceted approach […]
hands typing on laptop computer keyboard
During a pandemic, there are a number of things business owners need to think about, ranging from the safety of their employees to their bottom line. But one area of risk, that you may overlook, is cybercrime. Opportunistic hackers may see a pandemic as a chance to attack while organizations are distracted and dealing with […]
male construction worker carrying plank
A pandemic, like COVID-19, has brought on unprecedented challenges for businesses and employees across Canada. Growing public health concerns have resulted in the shutdown of many businesses, forcing them to transition to a work from home environment. While some sectors can transition to working from home, other workers, like those on a construction site, may […]
winter tire on snow covered road
Have you ever gone out in the winter and tried to start your car, but your ignition stalled? In those moments you worry as a whole slew of thoughts come to mind. It’s cold, you don’t want to call anyone, you’re going to be late, you don’t want to deal with fixing your car now; […]