Hamilton vandalism highlights need for small business insurance

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When’s the last time you thought that a masked mob may vandalize your store? Probably not recently, which is a fair answer. It’s not every day you see dozens of delinquents rampaging down streets in Canada, setting off fireworks and throwing rocks at storefronts. Unfortunately, small business owners in Hamilton, Ontario probably thought the same thing before their shops were vandalized this past Sunday. As reported by the CBC, a gang of roughly 30 people dressed in all-black clothing caused an estimated $100,000 worth of damage to small businesses on Locke Street in Hamilton.
Emergency Contact List Template
Picture your small business being the target of an angry mob. Do you have the proper protection in place to recover from this type of disaster?  You might not know when a disaster like this could, but these three disaster recovery tips can help you and your business get up an running after facing an angry mob.

Know who to call when you need to

Imagine you show up to your store one morning and find that it’s been trashed beyond belief. How would you react? Would you know what to do in this situation? Calling the police should be your top priority, but there are other people you may need to get in touch with as well. If your pipes have burst, you might want to call your water service provider. If you think your locks have been comprised, you may want to call your local locksmith. You’ll likely want to notify your employees of the situation, too.

When dealing with a break-in or a vandal, you might be too flustered to remember who to call. That’s why having an emergency contact list can help you take immediate action when you need to. Knowing important details, including your business’ contact information, can help you speed up the recovery process. Click here to learn more about creating an emergency contact list, and be sure to check out our free template to the right.

Catch the culprits on camera

Evidence can help fill in the missing pieces when dealing with the fallout of a break-in or vandalism. A well-designed video surveillance system can help you and the police catch the criminals that ransacked your store. Setting up the right system for your business can make the difference between certified-fresh footage and rotten film.

There are many tips to consider when setting up a video surveillance system for your business. For instance, having a mix of different camera types can help you cover as many angles of your store as possible. A high-mounted dome camera with a wide-angle lens can capture suspicious activity in a parking lot, while a long focal length lens aimed at vehicle-height can help identify individual culprits.

To help you protect your business, we put together an infographic on 7 tips you can use to help you set up the right video surveillance system. Knowing how to capture the best footage and what to do with that footage can help you and the police quickly catch any culprits red-handed. Click below to check it out.

Infographic teaser on 7 steps for setting up your video surveillance system

Have the right protection for your business

Costs can stack up when your business is attacked by vandals. The upfront damages, such as broken windows, doors, and furniture, are just one piece of the puzzle. If many products are stolen, or the damage to your storefront is extensive, you may need to close your business indefinitely while you address these issues. This unlucky scenario will likely cause bills, payroll, and other ongoing expenses to pile up quickly until you’re able to open your doors again for good.

Unfortunately, many businesses aren’t able to bounce back from situations like these, as 40% of businesses don’t recover after a disaster. Having the right type of business insurance coverage can help you keep your business operations running, even while dealing with a disaster. The right commercial property insurance policy will include business interruption coverage, which can help mitigate your loss of income to help you cover your bills, payroll, and other expenses until you’re back on your feet.

Don’t let one setback derail your business

You can’t always control what happens to your business, but you can control how prepared you are. Ensuring you know how to react when something goes wrong, and that you have the right disaster recovery tools and protection in place, can make a huge difference. Make sure your small business’ comeback is always stronger than its setback!

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