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Picture this scenario: It’s Friday morning, and you’re driving out to your last jobsite of the week. It’s been a long week of visiting different clients and jobsites, so you’re excited to just kick back and relax at the end of the day. You might pop open your favorite beverage and check emails, or even just fall asleep while binge watching something on Netflix.

While thinking about all the ways you could relax, your car gets rear-ended. Oh no! This could really put a damper on your evening plans. Not only is your car damaged, but you’ll have to start the painstaking process of filing a claim with your insurer, finding a repair centre, and maybe even getting a temporary rental vehicle. The worst part about this? You have no idea how long this could all take. So much for your relaxing evening at home…that is, unless you’re a TruShield Insurance customer and you’re able to use our Express Claim service!

With our Express Claim service, your appraisal will be complete in as little as half a day.

Insurance claims have never been easier!

Don’t have time to wait for a claims adjuster to come to you? Don’t sweat it! Using your smartphone, you can work remotely with one of our dedicated claims adjusters to snap photos of the accident, assess the damage of your vehicle, and quickly produce an appraisal of your auto claim settlement.

Not only that, but we’ll help you find a trusted collision repair centre and arrange for a rental if needed, so you can get back on the road as quickly as possible. Want to know the best part about this service? We can complete your appraisal in as little as half a day. Oh, the wonders of technology!

Click here to view our infographic about Express Claims, or check out the six easy steps and the infographic below!

How does it work?

  1. After a car accident, call TruShield on our 24/7 claims service line to report your claim.
  2. Your adjuster will send you a link to the Express Claim platform.
  3. Open the link and snap photos of your vehicle, the damages, your VIN number, your license plate number, and your odometer. Use the platform to send all these photos directly to your adjuster in real time.
  4. While preparing your appraisal, your adjuster will help find a preferred collision repair centre and arrange for a rental if necessary.
  5. Your adjuster will call you to outline your settlement details.

“It was perfect, easy and quick. I would definitely use it again.”

Dealing with a car accident is stressful enough. Filing an insurance claim shouldn’t have to ruin your evening plans. Whether you’re using your car for work or leisure, TruShield can help you keep your vehicle protected. When you’re insured with TruShield, give us a call when you’re in a fender bender to get your Express Claim process started. You can contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. It’s that easy!

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