Keep shoplifters from impacting your bottom line

Man stealing a wrench.
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When you start a retail business, you think about getting customers in the door, implementing strategies to keep them coming back and of course, making a profit. The fact that someone might steal from you is probably the furthest thing from your mind – until it actually happens.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter whether you run a small boutique or have a larger store with multiple locations, shoplifters will still find a way to help themselves to your merchandise. The key to keeping this type of loss at bay is to put a solid loss prevention plan in place.

Here are a few ways you can help prevent shoplifters from impacting your bottom line:

  • Keep merchandise away from exits.
  • Make sure shopping aisles aren’t overcrowded. This makes keeping an eye on them easier.
  • Discourage crowding by keeping popular items different sections.
  • Place cash registers by the exits so that customers must pass by them.
  • Greet all customers when they enter, this’ll let them know they’re being watched.
  • Don’t leave the store unattended during business hours.
  • Keep small, expensive merchandise locked in a display case.
  • Monitor commonly targeted merchandise more frequently when doing inventory.
  • Install convex mirrors, closed circuit television (CCTV), and electronic article surveillance (EAS) tags.
  • Consider requiring customers to leave any shopping bags, backpacks or gym bags at the cash desk upon entering the store.
  • Give customers receipts for every purchase.
  • Train staff on how to spot shoplifters and handle suspected shoplifters.
  • Post signs which make it clear that shoplifters will be persecuted.