Getting employees involved in your loss prevention program

loss prevention program
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Your company’s management team has a responsibility when it comes to providing a safe workplace and implementing loss prevention program guidelines. However, if you really want your loss prevention program to be a success, employees also need to play an active role.

Management’s commitment alone will not automatically result in an effective loss prevention effort—employee participation is crucial. Having employees share the responsibility for loss prevention not only benefits the organization, but also benefits the individual employee and co-workers by ensuring safety for the property and employees. The goal of a good loss prevention program should be to foster and promote a culture of safety that is present throughout the entire organization.

Loss prevention program employees responsibilities:

  • Think safety before starting any work
  • Follow all Loss Prevention procedures, regulations, and rules
  • Follow inspection guidelines for all equipment, machines, and tools
  • Utilize proper personal protective equipment where required
  • Operate all equipment with safety guards in place while in operation
  • Operate only the equipment and machines trained and authorized to operate
  • Report all unsafe acts, conditions and accidents immediately to management
  • Participate actively in Loss Prevention training
  • Suggest methods for control of workplace hazards

Together, employees and management can have a positive effect on reducing, controlling or eliminating workplace hazards, accidents, and injuries. It is a good idea to monitor, review and make adjustments to your loss prevention program on an annual basis to ensure that your plan matches the risks you’ve identified in the workplace. Stay tuned to this blog for more tips and information to protect your small business.

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