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Think insurance coverage isn’t for you and your small business? Think again — you never know when a cow might come crashing through your ceiling and eat that wedding cake you just spent hours decorating. Do you know what you’d do? Do you have a disaster plan prepared for this kind of chaotic scenario? You may think it’ll never happen, but the truth is, it might just be a matter of time before you experience your own legendairy incident.

7 ways to stay calm in udder chaos

Plan ahead! If a cow hasn’t fallen through your roof yet, now’s your chance to plan ahead. Having strong insurance coverage and an epic disaster recovery plan are the best defences against falling cows, or any other unforeseen disaster for that matter. Implement a step-by-step plan for the future so you’re prepared if an emergency situation occurs. Start by asking yourself questions like “If I can’t return to my business facility, where would I temporarily set up?” and “Is my staff trained on the proper protocol for a disaster?” These are good starting points in developing your business continuity plan.

Slow down — that cow isn’t going anywhere. Rushing through the process of disaster recovery can only make things worse. It’s best to take things one step at a time to ensure you don’t miss any key details. We understand that your business has been your dream for a long time and you’ve invested a great deal of time and money into making it a reality, but it’s important not to panic.

Take notes. Be the diligent note taker all your teachers dreamed you’d be! Blocking out unpleasant memories like a cow crashing through your ceiling is a completely natural thing to do, but before you do, you’re going to want to write down exactly what happened. It’s good to have everyone else who was around during the incident do the same thing. You’re going to want as much detail as possible when you contact your insurance company.

Try to stay in a good moooood. We know you’ll be pretty unamoosed if your business suffers a loss, but staying positive in a crisis can make the process much easier on you and everyone else involved. There’s no use crying over spilt milk cow. If you’re a TruShield customer, and you’re having difficulty dealing with the effects of a loss, you should make use of our Trauma Assist service. This additional service is free to all TruShield customers and is designed to help you and your employees cope with the emotional effects of a traumatic loss.

Call someone you trust. Like your TruShield representative! Or someone else that you trust to keep you calm during this kind of situation. Maybe your spouse, your mother, your pizza delivery guy or your lawyer—as long as they can provide you with some stability or peace of mind, give them a ring.

You’d butter call TruShield. If your insurance representative wasn’t on the list of people you trust, you’re probably with the wrong provider! Whether you’re a TruShield customer, or covered through another company, it’s important to contact your insurance representative as soon as you can after an incident like this. Not only can they walk you through the claims process, they may be able to shed light on other areas of concern. For example, if you were savvy enough to choose TruShield as your insurance partner, you have access to our Risk Management Assist service. If you’re looking for answers on how you could have prevented a loss, or how to better prepare yourself in the event of a loss, this service provides TruShield customers with access to our dedicated team of Risk Services specialists. They’ll be there to guide you through any questions or concerns you may have about the risks your business faces.

Review your coverage. There are several reasons to review the type of insurance coverage you have, and dealing with a loss is one of them. These kinds of situations can often shed some light on areas of your business that may need some additional coverage. For example, during the repairs your bakery would need after a cow fell through the ceiling, you may not be able to conduct business right away, which may result in a loss of income. Business interruption insurance can help with things like payroll expenses, bills and temporary leasing costs in these types of situations.

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