A worker carrying cleaning equipment.
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If you own or operate a cleaning business, you’re used to picking up after others. Whether you may work in the commercial space offering janitorial services for a corporate office, or in consumer services as a window or carpet cleaner, your business is essential in keeping things moving, workplaces open, and maintaining proper health and safety.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, you play a critical role in slowing the spread of the virus in workplace environments. To do your job effectively and keep your employees safe as you disinfect equipment, make sure to follow industry best practices, such as those outlined in this infographic.

All these factors present a unique set of risks for your cleaning business This could include anything from stolen or damaged equipment, to a customer slipping on a wet floor injuring themselves and holding your business accountable. The right insurance for your cleaning business will help ensure business continuity, a good reputation, and long-term growth. Whether you are reviewing your business plan or just starting out as a new company, here are some of the coverages you should consider investing in:

Commercial general liability

Liability refers to those situations where your business is responsible for damages suffered by a third party in the eyes of the law. Commercial general liability (CGL) is designed to respond to situations where  your business is found to be legally liable for bodily injury or property damage to a third party. For example, if a person slips and falls on the floor after you finished mopping it, this coverage can help mitigate the loss incurred should a lawsuit ensue.

Commercial property

Commercial property insurance covers your physical property in the event of loss or damage that results from an insured peril. Not only can this coverage protect the building you operate in should you own it, it can also include equipment, inventory, furniture, and the technology you use. For example, if your commercial space is damaged due to vandalism, this coverage will help get the necessary repairs done quickly while keeping costs down. It can be a useful safety net when unexpected losses result from a fire, storm, or as a result of a theft.

Mobile equipment insurance

Do you rely on the use of different cleaning tools or equipment? Your tools may be stolen on your jobsite or become damaged as you move locations. This coverage can help compensate for this loss.

Business interruption insurance 

If you’re forced to close your business because of an insured loss, your net income would most certainly be affected while repairs are taking place.

For most small cleaning businesses, an extended loss of net income can be devastating. Business interruption insurance coverage can help protect your loss of net income, allowing you to continue paying normal operating expenses such as payroll and rent. It could help you get back on your feet sooner without taking a huge dip in long-term profits.

Invest in coverage that will tackle the tough messes

Your job involves cleaning up tough messes, and your insurance should help do the same for your business. At TruShield, we’ll work with you to design a policy that recognizes the risks your cleaning business faces with a flexible payment plan. On top of that, we offer services to help you make informed decisions and stay competitive in your industry, such as access to our team of Risk Services specialists. Browse our cleaning business insurance page today, or request a quote!

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