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Tips to help drivers stay safe in the winter

2 minute readYour business may depend on the transportation of goods and services, rain or shine. In the winter, when road conditions worsen and can be unpredictable, it’s important to practice safe driving habits -whether you are driving a company vehicle or your own. In our winter vehicle maintenance guide, we outlined how to inspect […]

Helpful tips for roof winter maintenance

2 minute readEvery winter, your business and your employees face several safety risks, including winter driving, or working outside in the cold. In Canada, heavy snowfall is common, and if left unattended, snow can severely damage your property. A large buildup of snow and ice can turn into an ice dam, which forms when water […]

Phishing 101: What To Look Out For

3 minute readYou don’t always need a sophisticated hack to gain access to into a business’ database. In fact, all it could take is one click in an email to compromise your data security. Fraudulent emails, phone calls, and text messages are all common mediums for phishing attacks that cybercriminals use to hack and steal […]