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Solutions to protect your business - TruShield Insurance

Your property and its contents, your company vehicles, your employees, your day‑to‑day operations…

These are all things you need to consider insuring your business. The TruShield Insurance® solution can help you protect it all.

Commercial Property Insurance

Whether you own your building, lease your workspace or work from home, business property insurance protects your business’ physical assets against loss or damage from a broad range of causes including theft, fire, smoke, water, and vandalism.

Commercial Property insurance covers a wide variety of property, including:
      • Buildings, equipment, inventory and supplies
      • Office furniture and fixtures
      • Computers, and electronics
      • Personal and customer property kept at the business site
      • Property fixtures such as lighting systems or carpeting, windows, outdoor signs, fencing and landscaping
      • Tools and equipment while it’s in a company vehicle

Business Interruption Income

Insuring your building, equipment and contents against loss is pretty much a given. But what about the profits you’re missing out on while you’re trying to get your business up and running again? For many small businesses, an extended loss of income can be difficult – if not impossible – to recover from financially. That’s where Business Interruption Income insurance comes in.

Business Interruption Income protection will pay your loss of net income and continue paying normal operating expenses if you’re unable to run your business due to a loss from a covered event. Your policy also includes coverage for extra expenses to help you limit your loss and/or get back to business sooner.

Commercial General Liability

Part of protecting your business involves protecting people – whether it’s yourself, your employees, your customers or your suppliers (or anyone else you might have contact with in your day-to-day operations).

Our Commercial General Liability includes:
      • Bodily injury / property damage liability
      • Personal and Advertising Injury liability
      • Employee benefit program liability
      • Medical payments

Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial automobile insurance is designed to protect the vehicle(s) you use for your business. They can either be owned by the business or by yourself personally. A key to providing proper coverage is to ensure all the people, partnerships and/or corporations that own your vehicles are listed on your auto policy. Even a small mistake in this area can – if an accident occurs – cause an insurer to deny your claim.

We can provide coverage for:
      • Commercial autos
      • Any and all personal vehicles (including motorcycles, snow machines, campers, ATVs etc.)

Combine coverages for greater savings

Not only can you ensure every aspect of your business is protected by combining your coverages, it’s also a more cost-effective solution.

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Your comprehensive coverages

  • Replacement cost with same site clause amended
  • Sewer backup
  • Flood
  • Earthquake

Extensions of Coverage

  • Newly acquired or constructed buildings (90 days reporting)
  • Newly acquired business personal property (90 days reporting)
  • Personal effects
  • Accounts receivable
  • Valuable papers
  • Property off-premises
  • Property in transit – parcel post
  • Growing plants, lawns, trees, shrubs and flowers
  • Glass (excluding stained glass)
  • Debris removal
  • Removal of windstorm debris
  • Pollutant cleanup and removal
  • Fire department service charges
  • Protection of property
  • Fine arts
  • Building damage by theft
  • Professional fees
  • Automatic fire suppression system recharge expenses
  • EDP equipment, data and media breakdown
  • Automatic inflation adjustment Included
  • Consequential loss (on/off premises)
  • Building by-laws
  • Installation floater
  • Peak season
  • Tenants’ leasehold interest – rents
  • Property of tenants or registered guests of a hotel or apartment or members, guests and residents of health care facilities
  • Roadways, walkways, and parking lots
  • Outdoor property
  • Master key coverage
  • Condominium unit coverage – Loss assessment
    – Contingent building coverage
  • Rewards
  • Furs, fur garments, jewels and jewellery
  • Environmental upgrade
  • Deferred payment plan
  • Brands and labels
  • Top-up extension
  • Extra expense/Expediting expense
  • Product recall
  • Cyber event
  • Contractor’s rework expense

Provides comprehensive coverage for pressure vessels including:

  • Ammonia contamination $100,000
  • Hazardous substance $100,000
  • Water damage $100,000

  • Actual Loss Sustained
  • No co-insurance
  • 18-month period of indemnity

Extensions of coverage

  • Retailers product impairment
  • Contingent business income
  • Off premises heat, power, gas, water or communication services
  • Accountants fees
  • Civil authority
  • Newly acquired locations
  • Non owned heat, power, gas, water or communication services
  • Mortgage rate guarantee
  • Fines, damages or penalties for breach of contract
  • Negative publicity
  • Outbreak extra expense

  • SEF #96 Contractual Liability
  • SEF #99 Excluding long term leased vehicles
  • OEF #98B (for Ontario Risks)
  • SEF #94 Legal liability for damage to hired automobiles endorsement

  • Money & securities
  • Employee dishonesty
  • Credit card forgery, forgery or alteration, money order and counterfeit paper currency, and computer fraud and funds transfer fraud

Extensions of coverage

  • Professional fees
  • Third party employee dishonesty

Contractors’ equipment
Extensions of coverage

  • Newly acquired equipment
  • Rental reimbursement
  • Rental equipment coverage
  • Debris removal
  • Fire department service charges
  • Rewards
  • Equipment leased or rented to others Included
  • Replacement cost
  • Loss of income

Installation floater
Extensions of coverage

  • Transit
  • Storage locations
  • Testing
  • Sewer and road extension
  • Debris removal
  • Pollutant cleanup and removal
  • Contract penalties
  • Rewards

Offers insurance on an occurrence basis. Limits of $1m, $2m and $5m are available (subject to the sub-limits listed below).

Standard features include

  • Products and completed operations aggregate
  • Personal and advertising injury liability
  • General aggregate
  • All risks tenants’ legal liability (blanket all locations)
  • Medical payments
  • Employee benefits
  • Fungi and spores liability
  • Employer’s liability
  • Voluntary compensation
  • Contingent employers liability
  • Contractual liability
  • Incidental medical malpractice
  • Automatic coverage for newly acquired subsidiaries (90 day reporting)
  • Separation of insureds, cross liability
  • Broad form property damage
  • Employees and “volunteer workers” and unit owners of condominiums as additional insureds
  • Blanket additional insureds (as required by contract)
  • Pollution exclusion with hostile fire exception (includes accidental discharge of fuels or lubricants from mobile equipment)
  • Contractor’s voluntary payment for damages to property
  • Contractor’s errors and omissions

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