Unemployment rate

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Canada’s unemployment rate drops to 6.6%, TD is watching share prices drop after a special CBC report on the bank’s aggressive sales tactics was released, and Uber’s self-driving cars are hitting the road in California. Here’s the TruShield Top Five for this week—a snapshot of news from around the world that may have an impact on your company.

TruShield Top 5 – March 13, 2017

  1. February saw Canada add 15,000 jobs to the market to bring the national unemployment rate down to 6.6%. In total, Canada has added 288,000 jobs in total over the past year. Via CBC News.
  2. TD shares have started to drop following a recent CBC report about aggressive sales tactics. Two analysts have downgraded the bank from $73 a share to $68 and $74 to $69 following the report. Via Business News Network.
  3. Canadians can once again file their taxes online. The Canada Revenue Agency shut down its site as a precautionary measure on March 10, but insists they were not hacked. The website’s functionality has since been restored. Via CTV
  4. Ontario’s Finance Minister says the biggest factor in the rising cost of real estate in Canada is demand. He said that while he’s still considering a foreign buyers tax for Toronto and other areas, the demand for housing combined with low interest rates is what has kept the market so strong. Via Canadian Business News.
  5. Uber is making headlines again as the company’s self-driving cars return to the streets of California. The ride-sharing service was granted permission on March 8 to test drive two Volvo SUVs on public roads. Via Canadian Underwriter.

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