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TruShield is dedicated to keeping small businesses up to date on information that could affect their operations. Here’s the TruShield Top Five for this week—a snapshot of news from around the world that may have an impact on your company.

TruShield Top 5 – December 19, 2016

  1. As housing prices continue to soar nation-wide, Canadians are opting for longer commutes in order to own a home. First-time buyers are being faced with the difficult decision of moving further away from main cities or giving up their dreams of one day becoming home owners. Via Huffington Post Canada.
  2. New research from Gartner, an information technology research and advisory company, found that more and 50% of citizens in cities populations over one million will voluntarily share their personal data with smart city programs by 2019. This will give governments unprecedented access to personal information which could place them at the core of technological innovation. Via Canadian Underwriter.
  3. Are you a Bank of Montreal (BMO) customer? You may be in for a payout. BMO is set to pay nearly $50 million to clients that were overcharged on certain mutual fund and investment products as part of the bank’s no-contest settlement with the Ontario Securities Commission. Via CBC News.
  4. Uber is continuing to fight the California regulators over the company’s use of autonomous vehicles bringing to light a topic that has yet to be discussed: autonomous-driving laws. Via The Wall Street Journal.
  5. Following the major data breech the company suffered last week, Yahoo is now facing a $50-million class action lawsuit in Canada. Via The Toronto Star.

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