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Think you know how to cover your ass? Answer these 8 questions to find out if you’ve got what it takes to protect your business and your butt.

If your business is participating in a tradeshow, you don’t need to worry about having commercial general liability (CGL) insurance to cover your ass.

Jennifer only needs personal auto insurance to cover her ass when she’s driving her food delivery truck for her catering business.

If Lisa accidentally uses a trademarked photo while building a client’s website, her professional liability insurance policy can help her cover her ass if her client sues her.

If a customer slips and falls on her ass in Bob’s store, Bob’s commercial general liability (CGL) coverage can help cover his ass if the customer sues him.

If Tim runs his business from home, he doesn’t need to worry about having business insurance to cover his ass. His home insurance policy will cover everything if something bad happens.

If Martha’s store sells a juice blender that damages a customer’s kitchen countertop when he tries to use it, she doesn’t need to cover her ass because she didn’t make the blender herself.

If Jonny’s bakery suffers from a sudden electrical fire, Jonny can cover his ass, protect his assets, and make repairs to his store with the help of commercial property insurance.

Regardless of what type of business you run, having the right business insurance policy can help you cover your ass.