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More women across Canada are becoming small business owners and entrepreneurs and having a difficult time finding a work life balance. Many women today are creating businesses out of their homes while still raising a family. Being a mother and an entrepreneur can be taxing on the mind and body, making time management difficult. Here are a few pieces of advice to help you find the work/life balance you need.

4 Tips on work life balance:

Multitasking is overrated

Multi-tasking used to be a popular buzzword that was considered a skill required for every resume, but times have changed. Research shows that multitasking is actually bad for you! Your brain simply is not designed to focus on multiple tasks at the same time. For the entrepreneur who is trying to balance the demands of family and business, our advice is simple: stop. Instead, set a schedule that dedicates your time to one task at a time. You will find that focusing on one thing is actually more efficient and leads to better results!

A room for you

With smartphones glued to our hands and laptops that are getting smaller every year, it’s easy to work from anywhere. While it might be tempting to open your laptop and work from the couch or kitchen table, it’s better to avoid it. Working from a space dedicated to your business is essential. Whether it’s a home office, or just a corner of the room with a desk, chair and computer, separating your work from your family is an important mental distinction. It’s also important to communicate that when you’re in your work space and are unavailable.

Get out of the house

When your home is both your place of business and the center of your family life, it presents two different sources of potential stress. Make a point to schedule time away from your work, your family obligations and most importantly, your home! Setting aside this “me” time is important for your mental health. Whether you dedicate that time to going to the gym, a local coffee shop or the library, the important thing is you do something that makes you happy. Problems you’ve been struggling with might be sorted out by your subconscious while you’re indulging in “me” time.

Involve your family

Creating your own space, scheduling time away from the family and getting out of the house are important for getting your work done, but including your children and family can also be helpful. Lots of entrepreneurs have created businesses that were inspired by the needs of their children or other family members. Using your experience of being an entrepreneur and mother can help you draw insights for your business or product. And most importantly, showing your children what you do and how you work can be a great inspiration to get them onto the entrepreneurial path one day, just like mom!

These are just some of the ways that Mompreneurs can find ways to balance the needs of their family with the needs of their small business. Stay tuned to our blog for more advice!

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