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Entrepreneurs have a lot going on, with various business responsibilities to juggle every day. Launching and maintaining a small business can take up more time than even a full-time job. But, despite this time commitment, it’s vital to maintain a healthy work-life balance, not just for your own physical and mental health, but also for the good of your business.

We spoke with Grace Moores, Corporate Accounts Manager at Mompreneurs, about her top tips to achieving a work-life balance.

“For a lot of entrepreneurs when you start out, you want to please everyone. You’re excited about your business, so you throw yourself into it. But it’s important to fill your own bucket before helping other people,” Moores said. “Just like when you’re on a plane and they ask you to put the emergency oxygen on yourself before others. Because if you can’t breathe, you can’t help that person who needs help.”

Five tips for managing work and home life as an entrepreneur

  1. Organize your time:

    Distinguish between work and life. Work out what’s best for you but block off time for both family and work in your calendar, so that you’re not interrupting one with the other. So, whatever you’re blocking off, that time is dedicated for that task. Be present in that activity. If you’re trying to babysit the kids and get work done at the same time, that’s when you’re going to run into problems.

  2. Use resources and tools:

    You should use the resources and tools that are available to you, whether that’s financial software tools to manage your books or it’s investing in technology to help your business, like a project management tool.

  3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help:

    Ask your family and friends for help when you need it. Whether that’s your own kids or your partner, it just makes things a bit easier. Everyone’s involved and working towards the same goal, which means you’ll be able to check things off your list faster, and it lets you get back to what you enjoy.

  4. Communicate with family and friends:

    The more you involve your family and close circle of friends, the more support they’ll be able to give you. If you’re not communicating that you’re busy or don’t have time to do certain things, that’s where conflict and resentment can start. Be open about entering a busy season and explain that afterwards you will have more time for friends and family. This way everyone will be supportive in helping you reach your goal.

  5. Be proactive:

    Don’t wait for people to get back to you. Let people know up front what you need and be clear on your expectations, so it takes you less time to get what you need. It just saves time. You’re not going backwards and forwards on things that may be taking up lots of time.

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Who are the Mompreneurs?

Mompreneurs® is an organization that fosters community, promotion, and education to their collective of over 18,000 members and subscribers across Canada and the U.S., a diverse collective of female entrepreneurs who are just as dedicated to their businesses as they are to their families, and vice versa. From networking events, online mastermind sessions, and educational workshops and conferences, there is something for every female entrepreneur out there!

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